Health Law May Strain Mental Health System

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ACA Mental Health

Dr. Ranga Ram, a psychiatrist in Brandywine Hundred, Del., expects far more emerging psychiatric patients than the state’s system can absorb. (Photo: Emily Varisco, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal) In Delaware, which has an estimated 90,000 uninsured residents, that would mean about 22,500 with potential need for care not counting those who already have some kind of medical insurance but none for mental health or substance abuse. Meanwhile, Delaware’s mental health system is already over capacity, psychiatrists and others in the field say, sometimes leaving patients to wait three or four months for an appointment with a psychiatrist. “We’ve had a pinch in supply and demand all the way along the line,” said Dr.
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Many veterans still wait weeks for mental health care

AP Obama Wounded Warriors

Data for the current year show little progress, although the VA says it is wrong to compare current statistics with those from previous years because methods of counting have changed. Senate and House VA committee leaders reacted sharply to the continuing delays. “It is unacceptable that even after the hiring of 1,600 new mental health staff, certain VA facilities remain unable to … treat veterans in a timely manner,” said Sen.
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50 Years Ago, a Start to the Mental Health Conversation; 50 Years Later, Still Further to Go

The agency said the settlements recovered 89 percent of alleged overpayments to Presbyterian Medical Services and 81 percent with YDI. Presbyterian Medical Services serves about 3,400 New Mexicans through Medicaid, and is not affiliated with Presbyterian Healthcare Services or Presbyterian Health Plan. YDI provides behavioral health services to nearly 260 New Mexicans through Medicaid. “In the interest of resolving all differences between YDI and HSD amicably, and in order to avoid the time, trouble, expense, delay and uncertainty of the time litigating this matter we believed this was the most prudent path for YDI to take,” Klarissa Pena, YDI’s special projects director, said of the settlement. She said the repayment to the state represented about 8 percent of what had been billed for services during the past three years. As part of the settlements, both companies are severing ties with another provider, TeamBuilders Counseling Services Inc., which also remains under investigation.
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U2’s Adam Clayton spreads mental health understanding with “Walk in My Shoes” (PHOTOS)

The clinician noted that some of the drugs for schizophrenia could be affecting her blood sugar and contacted her therapist. After discussing the situation, they suggested some changes to Angela’s medications. Since Angela was socially isolated, her providers also arranged for a peer support specialist to visit her to help implement her treatment plan and subsequent follow-up. Within a month, Angela’s blood pressure was under control and her blood sugar level had markedly improved. She now schedules appointments with both her physical and mental health clinicians on the same day and regularly keeps both appointments.
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Mental health providers to pay NM for overbilling

Clayton explained, I think we all have to care about anyone who is young and troubled; we have to be able to recognize the warning signs and try to respond to them not only with sympathy but with seriousness. This is one of the most important challenges facing us now. Thats why last month, ahead of World Mental Health Day, Clayton wrote to every school in Ireland to raise awareness and tackle the stigma attached to mental health difficulties and generate funds for ‘Walk in My Shoes’. So far this year 100 schools around Ireland have held funky shoe days to raise funds and awareness for the campaign. Students donate 2 ($2.70) and wear funky or mismatched shoes to school. From Dublin to Tory Island off the Donegal coast fundraising and funky shoe days have been taking place in schools and places of employment.
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